Hi, I hope to find you well. I want to share why I'm doing this business.

I did a metalworking trade straight out of high school and worked in that trade for 11 years and got made redundant in the mining downturn. Using that opportunity I raced into the Personal training industry driven by the idea of easy money that I thought was there. After 3 years learning many lessons and dipping into my ever-dwindling life savings I came to the realization that I needed to stop and get a paying job.

So I did just that with a small hydraulic hose shop and tolerated it for 4 soul-sucking months. Quitting that gave me the resolve to start another business but what? I dabbled in wrecking and parting out cars, did some handyman style work and basically was lost for a couple of years until an acquaintance from the gym I worked at asked me to make a pull-up bar for his friend's daughter. The photo is this exact one I made all those years ago. And so for shit's and giggles, I put this ad up on gumtree with this photo and tried to see if I could sell more. And I did. It wasn't booming but there was certainly some demand and I really enjoyed seeing the parents and kids all happy from the stuff I made them.

The requests slowly came in for different stuff like monkey bars and boxing rings and I filled them out but I still lacked direction. Something always bothered me about the products that are readily available here that are not made over here. I'll say it because it's true. We all know it. They're crap. Sometimes utter crap. Like so crap you'd return it but it's so cheap you can't be bothered. But like a poison, its got us in its power and most of us reluctantly accept it as the only option out there.

In my personal experience with buying exercise equipment for myself I'd find myself saying "If they just used a bit thicker steel" or "If the paint was a bit better quality" or "if only these plastic caps over the ends of the steel didn't fall off all the damn time" then this "X" would be decent. I mean hey "it was cheap so I'll just suck it up yeah?" If you found yourself saying these things or something along these lines, you are not alone. The quality isn't there. A 1-year warranty is terrible for something that should have at least a 5-year use or longer with proper care. I've seen some suppliers offer a 3-month warranty for their products. I won't mention names. but I am appalled.

And this is my opportunity to offer Australia what I would deem worthy to purchase. I want to share with you and your family what I've built with my own hands at a cost where I can pay my bills and feed my family. I've come so far on my own in this little time and I am enjoying every part of the process. I'm not some entrepreneur with angel investing backing me up. I've got something better! I have a wife and a baby girl who need my support. I don't expect overnight miracles and I am in this for the long game.

I wish you the best and I want you to enjoy your life like I do mine and if you don't then you have the power to make the change. I believe in you whoever you are.

Daniel Chin

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