Good evening. I hope you're doing good in this tumultuous year. I hope that you can see the opportunity and the silver lining through wherever you are.

I'm doing good. We are doing good as a family and business. I've had some big changes to my own personal life which meant less time to work and so I've had to restructure the way I was doing things. I'll be no longer carrying large inventory and most products will be made to order which means a few weeks wait. Also means new orders will get freshly made items.

The hiring of the rigs has had continuing success. You're all really enjoying it and I plan to continue developing this service. I've now got rigs from the Gold Coast all the way up to the northside of Brisbane. There'll probably be a price increase in the future as its currently underpriced but it won't affect existing customers. 

Custom projects have been going strong as well with many calisthenics/exercise rigs jobs being ordered as well as the occasional monkey bar rigs. I've built pull-up bars, dip bars, and modified Cali-studio's existing rig to better suit their needs. They've got morning classes now and their member base is growing strong.

I was nearly about to cancel the Shopify site due to lack of sales but it's picked up so I'll keep it. 

Also was my birthday a week ago. Talk again soon.


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