One of the most overlooked aspects of the home gym is safety. Probably because its expensive but nevertheless one bad fall on hard ground is enough to put the brakes on your training or play for a while.

If you've tried looking around for fall mats, you'll notice they come in two versions. Cheap thin small or expensive professional. If you decide to bite the bullet on the professional one and you're buying online you'll get to the checkout to be slugged with a hefty shipping levy on your already pricey mat!

So we did some thinking and digging around the internet to see if we could come up with something and we did. 

The answer lay pretty much on what we went to bed on every night. And I don't mean the sheets. The mattress. Depending on the build they were perfect for catching kids and adults on low falls. They came in different thicknesses and types and best of all. You could find them locally for free. Yep, that's right. Hit up facebook marketplace or gumtree if all your family and friends aren't getting rid of any and you'll just need to find a way to collect them. If foam is more your thing then we have found foam mattresses and you can buy bulk foam from specialty shops but the later is quite expensive.

It's not a new revolutionary idea but when mattresses are used for this purpose without any cover they tend to get manky pretty quick. Dirty and wet mattresses aren't pleasant to land on. So off we went to find some suitable cover and in the end, we had a local business help us out with making one. Its the same material used on truck curtains and its tough as nails. Does it work and do the job? We think so.

The end result? is a very tough cover that can be filled with a queen-sized mattress giving you 200cm x 150cm x 30cm(depending on mattress thickness) You can play around with the padding by stuffing more layers or acquiring different mattresses to find one that you like. At up to half the price of a mat in similar dimensions without the hefty shipping. You can have 2 mats for the price of one conventional one.


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