I hear this a lot. Like for really reals. And so I want to air it out there and share with y'all that care to read this all the details on how it is.

I can't beat the imported products on price so I offer what they don't. I call it Value for money. I don't call it quality because I think that term gets thrown around too easily and it feels fake. In my definition, value for money is getting the most for your money but without spending a fortune. It can be tricky to define but in the latest blog post, to summarise it. It was choosing the product that would solve the most important factors motivating the need to acquire something at the best price. It doesn't mean to buy the best or the cheapest all the time. Have a read of the blog post for some examples.

Let me reveal my methodology in design and manufacturing. If I needed something to use for an indefinite period of time, I personally would rather buy something that would last longer than something that could be possibly worn out or broken easily. I always choose to use >2mm thick steel for the construction of the rigs. Most rigs have 3mm or above and you can most definitely feel it in the weight in brands like Rogue, Ironedge, Aussie Strength, Alphafit. Only the top brands use this thickness or above. A lot of the cheaper brands I've seen have even used 1.6mm. Its cheaper, it tears, rust out very fast. But by then they've got your money. Most brands, even some of the more expensive ones don't use galvanized hollow tube like Endless. The only one I'm aware of that does is Kengurupro. This offers an extra level of protection from rust.

I'm also not interested in offering products in what I feel is covered out there already. The reason I put out what I do is because I feel a lack of a good option currently available. There is a huge gap in price between plentiful, cheap, inferior products to commercial-grade equipment. A few minutes of Google will show you what I mean. All I want to do is offer better quality than the cheap stuff that will do as good a job(or better) than the commercial gear. A great example is one of the first products. The DIY monkey bar. It's simple and for someone handy, they could easily make their own. But if not, you go online and try to find some pre-made monkey bars and stuff like this comes up


Looks good right. Notice the perfect look in the photo(shopped)? price is great! shipping is reasonable. Seems legit


I bought one just to show my point. It came in a plastic bag exactly as you see it in the photos. Powdercoat was poorly applied and they missed some spots. Had burrs on the ends which are sharp enough to tear your hands. On a bigger point. The design while simple is not as sturdy or supportive as a flanged design. It has a single mounting point on the end which can work loose over time posing a risk to the end-user. Its also made from very thin tube so that the ends can be crimped to create the flatish mounting surface.

My version is designed to overcome all these issues. We package in a large box with custom-built separators. The 3mm thick flanges have 3 holes for mounting and all our bars are cleaned up after fabrication to ensure there are no rough edges. Top it off with some real powder-coating and I offer you something extremely well priced compared to the above.

There are many tricks online sellers use to "do-over" buyers and that'll be for another blog post. This is just one example. What would you do if you bought the first one? Would you feel cheated? Would you put it up? Would you try to return it? There's a saying I found off the Ubiquiti(proper computing network gear) forums "buy once, cry once" and I couldn't agree more.

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