Welcome! Thanks for clicking and checking it out. We've been hiring out rigs for 5 months now and it's being well received. So far all our rigs are still rented out and one customer has returned.

In the case of the returned rig. The kids were fond of the hammock much more than the other parts of the rig so she returned it and bought a hammock stand. I just want to emphasize how much of a success this was. In this case, the family got to have a $3k rig at their place for a couple of months for a couple hundred. Without the hassle of freight, setup, removal or long term commitment. 

As a parent, we try so hard to give our kids what we think they need that it could be a great idea to just let them try as many things as possible to see what they're attracted to. After all, that is what living is no?


With the recent changes to our country from COVID19. All the rigs are rented now. We're planning to build more as time permits. We've got a lot of orders from people wanting home gym equipment that we're trying to stay on top of. Stay safe people



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