Whether you've taken an interest in your health and fitness recently or have been for some time it certainly isn't an easy smooth journey. Anybody thats been in it as long as I have can tell you that they've had stints of low motivation to get a workout done.

I started going to the gym by myself at 17 as a skinny as a rake at a whooping 55kilos. After the initial 6 months of bro style workouts I put on a few kilos of muscle and was impressed ( all upper body, and barely any legs) This sort of workout routine continued on and off for a few years and progress was very mediocre. But hey I was "going to the gym". It wasn't until a housemate at the time suggested seeing her personal trainer and I really got a taste of how to do a proper workout (Thank you Fallon and Tom). I enjoyed it so much that I studied to become a personal trainer myself and it was a huge lesson in life that taught me so much about running a business and training others. I left it after a couple years of not making much of a living and a depleting bank account to start a handyman business doing mainly welding and small fabrication work. Eventually in 2015 an aquaintance asked me to make a gymnastics bar for a friend and I loved that I could make something that another person was using to get fitter! The rest is history in the making.

During this period my workouts went up and down. I joined F45 after much praise from some dear friends and enjoyed it because it was such a different style of workout I wasn't used to. I met heaps of people whilst I was there too. Some I still keep in touch with to this day. I went from there because it wasn't challenging after a bit over half a year to try out calisthenics which I always enjoyed (being small and light) and still do to this day. Although now my workouts combine calisthenics and weights. 

So since nearly 20 years since I went to the gym for the first time. I still have periods of low motivation. What do I do? Sometimes I found workout buddies to be great. I have to show up cos they're showing up. Different routines. I don't believe in doing the same thing for more than 2 months without some sort of rest. The body adapts too quickly anyway so its important to mix it up. I've been enjoying training solo lately but it stopped after 2 months of doing the reddit reccomended routine which I can say was good for me. I've always wanted to give martial arts a go but I've not taken the next step foward to commit to joining or trying something. So to not let my fitness decline I've set up a challenge. I will in 30 days run 100km total, do 1000 kettlebell swings, do 500 muscle ups, hang for 60mins and squat 100 kgs 100 times. I think this method will be interesting as it means I have to chip away at these numbers all week if I am to complete this task.

Whats my point? Always keep on changing. If you're bored, then look for something fun that you think you'd like to try. Mix up the variables.  Exercise needs to be fun. Try my 1 month challenge or set your own. I'm already thinking of the next months. It might involve a swim and 1000 pullups haha. Good luck and have an awesome time!


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