Hi, I hope you've had a good start to 2020 and if not well, maybe it will pick up soon.

I've decided to do this post based on some recent and longtime experiences I've had with online purchasing. I love buying things online. It means I don't have to get out and drive to a shop(s). Talk to multiple customer service people (and try getaway) and with different options and reviews of products online, I can make a fairly informed decision that will work out 9/10 times.

When buying online. Price is a big deal. Its probably the 3rd most important factor for me when buying. Easy to do if I am buying something from a big brand that has a model no. So I can search for it and see who's selling it cheapest.

2nd would be 'Value for money'. To me, this means, "is the money spent on what I choose going to offer the most useful features for me." I don't mean buying the best or the cheapest because sometimes these don't offer me the best value. Some examples of my doctrine are: 

1. My first smartphone was an apple iPhone 4s. I thought it was great. It offered enough features and the OS was attractive at the time. I stuck with apple until last year when I no longer found the latest version at a pricepoint I deemed good value. iPhone became more of a social pecking order icon and the competitive products from the Chinese lead me to choose the Xiaomi mi9 for $600 with 3 cameras.

2. Computer. I've always built my own computer from parts ever since I was 17 and could afford to buy one. This is probably where I started this method. I've never been one to buy the latest top-spec equipment and instead went middle/high end. I'd opt for the top intel i5 CPU vs the higher-spec (and cost) i7's. Likewise with graphics cards. The top Nvidia GTX card wouldn't offer the 30%+ increase in performance for its 30%+ difference in price. And as always if the lower-spec option was enough for my needs (which it usually was) then I'd go for it.

Now my number 1 point for buying something is one I was taught from my mother when I was a young boy. She'd say 'Ask yourself, Do you really need it? and Can you do without it?' These 2 questions have saved me $$$$$ in impulse buys throughout my life.


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