Australia. What a wonderful country. A real land of opportunity and promise. I was fortunate enough to be born in this blessed country so I find it very hard to put myself in the shoes of someone who was born in another part of the world. But I do try and I think about how (in my lifetime) we've never had our economy collapse, experienced war, enjoyed plenty of government public services and our world class national parks. It is indeed amazing and I am constantly grateful to be a citizen in this place. 

So when I'm faced with a purchasing decision I always try to buy 'Australian' Made. Its generally not the cheapest but I do it knowing that more of that money that leaves my hands doesn't leave our shores. In my instance, when you purchase my products or services. The profits go to my family, it feeds them, puts a roof over their head, pays for my kids childcare and later her schooling. Which means that most of the money goes around our country which gives other Aussies jobs and a livelyhood.

It is cheaper to get something produced overseas even with the cost of international freight. Labor cost is less, Rules and regulations aren't as tight. Quality assurance can be sketchy. Ethics are most definitely on a different level from ours. They really don't care if stuff isn't made well or properly. As long as somethings in the container in time and they can get paid. But the biggest thing is that there's rarely a chance to deal with them face to face

Just get a refund? Have you ever bought something online from say eBay? And once you got it, it wasn't quite like in the photo? The size was smaller than you thought or it just didn't last as long as you expected? Maybe you put up with it. Maybe you wrote it off. Or you went for the 30 day refund to find that you had to send it overseas to an "unknown province in China" at your expense that would end up costing more than you paid for said item. I've had all of these. It sucks, I feel robbed and I hate that sometimes I can't find a similar product made by a business I'd trust. All I want is for the goods to be what I expect from my hard earned money.

Our steel comes from Australian mill's when we can source it. We use local workers and suppliers for any products and services we need like powdercoating, fasteners, rope, consumables. We can't say that everything we use is made in or from Australia but we do it as often as we have the choice and it makes sense.

I want Endless products to last forever. I've built things in my own backyard the same as I've done for past clients and they're still up over 3+ years. I believe you don't need to buy x amount of pull-up bars or rigs over your lifetime. You just need 1 good one and it will last longer than you can use it. 


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