Happy new year! And what a year it is going to be over here. If you don't already know we have started hiring out our equipment to local Brisbanites and it is being met with enthusiasm.

Why do I think Renting is the way to go?

It's Affordable: I know our gear is expensive if you compare it to the cheaper numerous alternatives out there. We don't want to be another "mass producer" so sticking to our quality longevity approach to our products is what I don't want to compromise. We also want to pay our workers a fair wage and to keep our manufacturing here in our Brisbane facility where we can monitor and keep things moving in and out quickly. By having it at your home/gym from as little as $25pw it is very accessibly priced for everyone!

Save Money: Yes it does! now hear me out. I've been in this game since 2015 and I've seen many forts and rigs for sale online with some up for sale for less than half the price they were purchased for new. Some end up for sale under a year from purchase. Parents purchase these expensive items with the greatest intentions but the reality is sometimes the kids don't use it a lot and it ends up on gumtree to get price gouged by some savvy buyer. By hiring you can simply notify us that your kids are done and we'll come to pick it up and get it ready to send it to another family.

Flexible: If you rent the wrong rig, you can change it! if you buy the wrong one well you're up the creek without a paddle

 So there's my list of reasons for renting. I'm building the awesome monkey bar rig configuration for the next month. We should have 8 built by the end of the month with 2 already going to reservations. 

Thanks for reading and if you haven't then please donate to the fire services who are doing a tremendous job fighting the fires right now.


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