High grade equipment without the price tag!

Hiring our monkey bars is the best option for many. Stable, large and Safe. No digging holes. As easy as placing an order by phone/text, Sit back and watch us take care of everything. Delivery, Assembly and Pickup of all hire rigs.

The basic details:

South east Queensland (Australia) Only

One Rig Valued from ($3000) - $33 a week billed monthly ($132)

1 month notice to end hire arrangement

$88 delivery/assembly within 15km +$3 for every km from 4301

$88 Pickup/disassembly within 15km +$3 for every km from 4301

Large level space, Minimum 4m x 3 with safe clear access for our guys

Hire for more that 4 months and incur no pickup fee

Hire for 11 months and recieve the 12th month free

Rigs are all different combination freestanding monkey bars suitable for all ages subject to availibility. Height adjustable for all sizes


Terms and Conditions for equipment hire (June 2021)

By entering into this rental agreement you agree to the following terms and conditions:


1. Site installation requirements

2. Hiree responsibilities


1.0 Currently only available for locations within 15km of Collingwood Park with vehicular access within 50m of installation site. We also need a walkway minimum 1.5m wide with minimal bends to access site area (some pieces are 4m long)

1.1 Equipment to be installed in a level space minimum 4m x 3m with 3m height If the area is not suitable we will not carry out setting up and will refund any payments minus transport expenses.

1.2 Allow Endless Engineering staff/contractors unconditional access to site for delivery and removal of equipment. If we cannot remove the equipment safely it will be deemed as lost and you will be charged the full replacement value of the equipment.


Hiree Responsibilities

2.0 As the hiree in this arrangement you agree to not to:

remove/relocate equipment.

Intentionally damage, misuse, modify, alter any equipment

Must not use equipment in any other way than intended


2.1 Inform Endless engineering at first chance of any incident involving our equipment



2.2 Whilst on hire, it is the hiree's responsibility to take reasonable care of this equipment. Endless engineering may seek compensation for damages or missing parts we deem outside normal wear and tear. 



2.3 Accept any and all liability from use of the equipment whilst in possession. Children of any age must be supervised/spotted appropriately when using any part of the equipment. 



2.4 Endless engineering reserve the right to terminate this arrangement at any time.

 2.5 Endless engineering take no responsibility from damage to property caused by our equipment whilst on hire. We will take reasonable care during delivery and pickup but it is highly advisable that the designated site is flat, grassy and away from other structures or tiled areas.


We offer this arrangement in good faith for people to enjoy, we ask that you respect our gear and time. All feedback and questions are welcome and we look forward to hearing from you



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